Keeping Your Brain Working

We can do more for our brains than we realize. And most of what we can do are things that will help our general health as well.

For our brains, and the health of our bodies, it is important to stay hydrated, detoxified and oxygenated. We can do this by drinking plenty of water. Green tea and peppermint tea are also an excellent way to keep hydrated. And smoothies made with fresh fruit and yogurt keep our brains energized.

Having diets that consist of a sufficient supply of fish oil will boost our brain power. The old adage about an apple a day keeping the doctor away is not just a myth. They really do help our brains and health. Salmon contains omega3 and protein for our bodies and brains; avocados increase blood flow; assorted vegetables, particularly those that are brightly coloured, and fruit. Blueberries in particular are extremely beneficial. Other foods include whole grains, olive oil and cocoa which will be good news for chocolate lovers to know. Important also is to eat a hearty breakfast and to avoid fatty and sugary foods.

Simple solutions to jump starting your brain are to keep a journal; to try writing poetry, even if you think you cant; listen to music and get your body moving. Try learning a foreign language or an instrument. Im giving the piano another try since my few lessons when I was eight years old. Its amazing what I actually have remembered.

Other ideas that are good for your brain and general well-being are to think positively. Theres always two ways of looking at something. Why pick the negative way? Smile and laugh often. It will change your perspective on life. Keep socially active and involved. Listen to the ideas of others. They will give your brain a boost. And have you tried to use chopsticks? That is certainly an experience.

Exercise your memory. Spend time with children, perhaps play Wii with them or some other computer game. Take children on excursions, talk to them and really listen to their views on what they see and think. Children can carry on delightful conversations and you may find that its a whole new way of looking at life. They certainly will make you think faster. Play trivia games and if you dont do well, make it a point to remember trivia facts. Keeping your brain active can include hobbies. What are yours? Reading, knitting, photography, water colours, yoga or meditation?

Physical exercise is good for your brain, your body and your general health. Dont park too close to your destination so that you have a further distance to walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, do yard work, walk the dog, swim, dance and play golf.

Most things you do for your brain will also help your body and increase your general sense of well-being. With that, life becomes more enjoyable.